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by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
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Azure Basic Tier vs Standard Tier VMs

Monday, April 23, 2018

Basic tier (A0-A4) Standard tier
Load Balancing Not supported External and internal load balancing
(Port-level load balancing, not application layer)
Auto-scaling Not available Supports auto-scaling to handle unpredictable peak capacity
IOPS 300 IOPS per disk 500 IOPS per disk
Price Up to 27% lower prices than Standard
Max NICs 2  8

The basic tier sizes are primarily for development workloads and other applications that don't require load balancing, auto-scaling, or memory-intensive virtual machines.

It is possible to switch an existing Standard Virtual Machine to its equivalent Basic tier. Note that this will require a restart to your virtual machine. f you’ve already configured the Azure load balancer or Auto-Scale functionality, you won’t be able to downgrade to one of the Basic VM sizes until the configuration is removed.


This Week I Learned - Week #263

Saturday, April 21, 2018
This Week I Learned -

* Microsoft has open sourced Service Fabric with the MIT license to increase opportunities for customers to participate in the development and direction of the product. The release of Service Fabric runtime v6.2 and corresponding SDK includes the general availability of Java and .NET Core Reliable Services and Actors on Linux. Reliable Services and Reliable Actors are programming models to help developers build stateless and stateful microservices for new applications and for adding new microservices to existing applications.

* BrowserStack is a cross-browser and app testing platform started by Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal, both IIT Bombay graduates in 2011. After six years, BrowserStack has four products being used by customers in 135 countries, including Walt Disney, Tesco, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter,  Airbnb and Virgin Pulse. Their App Automate tool offers GPS location simulation

* Huawei is the world's third-largest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung and Apple

Apple's 10th anniversary-edition iPhone X alone generated close to 35 percent of the total handset industry profits.

AS/400 is a midrange server designed for small businesses and departments in large enterprises. It is now redesigned so that it will work well in distributed networks with Web applications and formally renamed the "IBM iSeries"

* Amazon has silently released a lite web browser app called Internet for Android devices (running Android 5.0 Marshmallow and above) that is touted to be "lighter than the competition".  Amazon Kindle Lite is less than 2MB, works on slow networks, and occupies less space on your smartphone.

* Uber operates in 31 cities in India currently. India accounts for 10% of Uber rides globally & has a 35% share of the Indian taxi market.

In technical audiences, there can sometimes be a difficult person: an ego that must prove itself as the best, a desire to be disruptive, or a hater of what you are saying. Mark Minasi shared his technique for dealing with that person – identify them while you are setting up before the presentation, and then go down to visit with them. Disarm the person by being friendly before the presentation - Aidan Finn

* In 1955, Juliette Morgan, a white librarian in America’s south, noticed Martin Luther King’s role in the epic Montgomery bus boycott and advised him to become a full-fledged Gandhian as he was naturally inclined in that direction. For both Gandhi and King, non-violence was never a clever political “tactic”, but an unshakeable moral conviction that guardrailed them all their lives. Non-violence was an absolute moral force, and non-negotiable to the last, for both Gandhi and King. By weaponising satyagraha, or truth force, Gandhi made debate the only available mode for social interaction. Gandhi extended non-violence to verbal acts too because, he believed, angry voices conceal a weak argument and an unwillingness to communicate - Times of India Blogs

* Infosys key stats:
- Total headcount at the end of March 31, 2018 - 2,04,107
- Attrition - 16.6%
- High-performers attrition - 9.4%
- Utilisation rate (excluding trainees) - 84.7%

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India has become a mobile-first country

Friday, April 20, 2018
According to data sourced from analytics company Comscore, a ‘new’ digital audience was emerging in India, that was using only mobile, way ahead of markets with a bigger mobile user base like US, UK, and others

This was mainly due to the increasing penetration of smartphones with decreasing costs as well as a collapse in data tariffs.

India has 400% more mobile users than desktop

Most of the Indians were using their time on the phone for multimedia (video & music streaming sites), instant messaging and social media

The top five mobile apps on the phone were Whatsapp, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Search.

WhatsApp enjoyed the highest usage in India in 2017 while Amazon saw the largest user growth in India


This Week I Learned - Week #262

Saturday, April 14, 2018
This Week I Learned -

* 100+ Azure Tips and Tricks

Very Large Databases (VLDB) are now commonly moved to Azure. A fully optimized VLDB migration should achieve around 2TB per hour migration throughput per hour or possibly more. This means the data transfer component of a 20TB migration can be done in approximately 10 hours.

* Azure Backup now supports disks that are larger than 1 TiB (1 TB is the marketing measure of 1000 GB, and 1 TiB is the computer science measure of 1024 GiB).

* Gamification can shape behavior. It can guide you to do certain things in certain ways, and it can encourage certain behaviors. Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, the creators of Reddit, were themselves inspired by a more primitive karma system, on Slashdot.  Union Square Ventures has been investing in companies that incorporated some kind of game play like FourSquare, Duolingo, StackOverflow (which will turn 10 this year). Stack Overflow  today has 250 employees and is profitable

It may take up to 90 days for Facebook to delete all backups of your data on their servers

* As part of the ‘Lamppost-as-a-Platform’ (LaaP) trial, GovTech, the Singapore government agency is testing out various kinds of sensors on lampposts, including cameras that can support backend facial recognition capabilities. These capabilities may be used for performing crowd analytics and supporting follow-up investigation in event of a terror incident.

* In France, 8,00,000 ‘Sophie the giraffe’ baby toys were sold in 2010, more than eight times the numbers of giraffes living in Africa.

* IKEA, Volvo, Tetra Pak. Truecaller and Ericsson are some of the 180 Swedish companies operating in India.

Home to almost seven million people and covering about 650 sq km, Hyderabad once had 7000 lakes, but there are now only about 70
Image captured by Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite
8 Mile (2002) is a semi-autobiographical film based on Eminem

* "In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess." - Zen of Python

* "The pursuit of happiness then is a pursuit of your center, the place where you feel a sense of well-being and peace. Finding your happiness is finding this center." - Raji Rajagopalan

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Use Google Find My Device to locate missing phone

Friday, April 13, 2018
I have known about the Google Find My Device feature (which can remotely ring, lock, send a message to a lost phone to whoever locates it & also erase data on a registered mobile) but got a chance to try it out today after misplacing my Android phone